Vero Kompalic is a Venezuelan filmmaker and

painter based in Los Angeles.

Raised Brasil, South Africa and Venezuela, Verónica bases , and with a degree from Chapman University in Film Studies and Post-Colonial and Revolutionary Studies, she focuses most of her scholarship work on postcolonial feminist discourse, with publications on the sexual transgression of Catherine Breillat’s work and the radical implications of the cinema of Mariana Rondon. She is currently finalizing a publication on the imminent New Wave of Venezuelan Cinema and the relationship between the politics of the current Venezuelan government and the last 20 years of Venezuelan films.


After 16 years of painting, Kompalic has focused most of her pictorial career in exploring the restrictive liberation of Venezuelan people. In 2018 she worked as a film programmer for Film Independent’s Spirit Awards. As of 2020 she is finalizing post-production on SUMMERTIME, Carlos Lopez Estrada’s follow up to BLINDSPOTTING, which will premiere at Sundance 2020. She served as an associate producer and writer on SUMMERTIME whilst developing her second feature script on the effects of Catholic Colonization in Northern South America.